Axure RP 9 update problem

I recently downloaded the Axure RP 9 software update. When I installed it, it never completed installation. Instead, it started sending error messages about file not found. Every time I clicked send report, it immediately popped up another error message. Eventually I had to close it using the Task Manager.

Now Axure RP no longer appears on my system.

Anyone have a similar problem, and how can I fix this?

Hi @JeffC

Can you please report this to Axure Support by emailing us at

Please let us know which operating system and build you are using, have you recently installed any new updates?

We would also like to get a copy of your Axure RP logs to review for further investigation. Please attach both the “error_log” and “post_log” files for the dates that you encountered this issue, from the directory below then we can take a look and advise on what errors are occurring and how to resolve them.

To locate your Axure RP Windows logs, please navigate to the following path:


The AppData folder is hidden by default, to access the folder you can either paste the path above directly into File Explorer or check the box to show hidden items “View > Hidden items”.

To locate your Axure RP MacOs logs, please navigate to the following path:

~/Library/Application Support/Axure/Axure-9-0/logs

To locate this folder open Finder and in the top menu “Go > Go to Folder” and paste in the path above.

We await your email so that we can determine the next course of action,