AXURE RP - making a font library for a new project

Trying to build up a new style guide of fonts for my project web/app file.

Now I am looking for the simple way of adding new font styles - but must be doing it wrong.
I take say HEADLINE ONE, duplicate it and make it a light version of the font, and when its named - it becomes a box that has a white background, black border and alignment centred…so must apply all parts to it from original version copied from again.

There must be a simple way of making type copies and saving into style guide.

Any help or even a video link to show how people do it would be Fab!

Best: Daz


Once you’ve styled a widget to your preference (e.g. with the applied alignment and font), you could create a new widget style from it directly in the Inspector Style pane:

After you create the widget style, you could apply it to other widgets in the project via the widget style dropdown:

And here’s more on updating and creating styles:

And if you need a way to grab style overrides directly from a widget on a canvas, you could use the Format Painter:

Hope that helps!

YES - Dear Alex
thanks for your time…I used to make style sheets in print and was looking for the proper way for my prototyping my library for fonts…best: Daryl