Axure Share and iPhone opens keyboard

Hi all

First post here on the forum after I discovered the following strange behaviour. So I downloaded the Axure RP9 beta (not sure if that is part of the root cause) and started working on a design for a mobile app (Android + iOS). Having played around with the tool, I downloaded the Axure Share app to my phones and also uploaded the project there.

I have currently a page in the prototype that has the tab bar at the bottom of the window, a few soon-to-be-clickable icons in the content area. When viewing the Axure Share project on Android (Axure Share v 2.2.1), touching anything on the prototype does nothing since I have not prepared any interactions. However, on iPhone (Axure Share v touching any part of that same interface opens the keyboard on the iPhone, as if I were focusing on a text input.

Using Axure RP v9.0.0.3628 if that makes any difference.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

Kind regards,

// Magnus

Hi Magnus!

Welcome to the forum and thanks for trying the Axure RP 9 beta! :slight_smile:

I’ve done some testing, but I have not yet been able to reproduce this issue. Just to confirm, this issue occurred when touching a non-text input area of a prototype page that contains no interactions using an iOS device, and doing so caused the iOS keyboard to open. Does this sound correct? If this is the case, could you please post the RP file where this occurred for review? This should help to look into any potential causes of this issue.

Hi Chelsea :slight_smile:

That is correct.

I have attached the file here. The issue which I mentioned appears on the “Logged In” page.

– attachment removed –

Literally two minutes ago I made a discovery which may give you more clues as to what is happening. I chose to publish to the Axure Share project, leaving out the “Login Page” which has the text fields to enter email and password. In other words, I uploaded a project containing only the page titled “Logged In” to Axure Share. In this version, the keyboard issue does not show up on the iPhone.

Once I reintroduced the “Login Page” and clicked through the mockup, entering email + password and then logging in, then the issue appears. When touching any part of the “Logged In” page, the iOS keyboard shows up.

So it would seem (?) that it has something to do with the text inputs on the Login Page somehow “carrying over” in the iOS Axure Share app to the next page?

Kind regards,

// Magnus

Hi Magnus!

Thanks so much for the file and for the additional description. The described behavior matches a bug report that our teams have on file, where a page can incorrectly load with the keyboard open if the iOS keyboard is open when an “Open Link” action occurs. Clicking on the newly opened page after this issue occurs continues to reopen the keyboard.

Our teams are currently investigating the cause of this issue, but I will be adding a note to our report regarding your experience. In the meantime, you can work around to this issue by either manually tapping away from the text field on your first page, or by setting the focus onto your log in button before having the link to the next page open when the log in button is clicked:

This should allow the iOS keyboard to close before navigating to the next page.

I hope this helps some! :slight_smile:

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Great! Happy to hear that you were able to confirm that this is an already identified issue.

I also tried the workaround on adding “Focus This” on the login button - works like a charm. Thank you!