Axure share in-app publish does not match publish via web page upload

If I use Publish to Axure Share from inside the Axure application I get exactly the pages I have selected when I check pages in the Edit configuration box.
However IF I upload the same file - saved in the same state- when using the upload tool inside the Axure Share web site and Open the site within Axure Share many of the more recent pages are missing.

Hi stephenwho,

Hmm, I wasn’t able to reproduce this from a simple test. Are you seeing this with all files (new and existing), or are you seeing this with a specific file? If the latter, would you be able to share your .rp file here for me to test? Please also let me know the name of the pages that are missing, as well as the URL of the two AxShare projects–one that was created from publishing from the RP tool, and the other that was created from publishing from Thanks!

Hi, sorry but I can’t send the file as it is behind a firewall on our own Axure Enterprise server. It is a hi-fi mockup of a web application we are building and we use it to show our end-users how a function will work in production.

I just wondered if I’m going beyond the capabilities of Axure?

BTW, the file is over 300 pages and about 80Mb in size and has been built up over the last 18 months. There are very few embedded graphics files; most are based on an extensive set of widget libraries.

Hi stephenwho,

After some testing, I wasn’t able to reproduce this behavior either. It doesn’t seem like file size would have an effect on this, however it’s difficult to say for sure. If you’re still running into this issue, would it be possible to email a copy of your RP file (or a version for us to test) over to instead? We understand that privacy is a concern, so please know that your file won’t be used or referenced outside the scope of this issue. Feel free to also remove any proprietary information from the project’s pages before sending it over.

Let us know if you’re able to send over that file or if you happen to be able to reproduce this issue in a new file. We’ll be standing by!

Hi stephenwho,

Sorry for posting again so quickly, but I just wanted to follow up and ask if you happened to have any additional HTML generators in your project (besides the default one)? The default HTML generator will automatically be used when you upload a file to AxShare directly through the website, however if you’re using another generator with different settings (e.g. with only specific pages selected to be generated), this could explain the difference you’re seeing between those published versions of your project. I hope this is helpful!

I do use multiple generator settings as we have different audiences for some sections.

I’ve tested generators with ALL pages selected and have the same issues as filtered ones with only defined pages selected. In both cases, the same pages are not generated when I use the upload tool instead of the in-application generator.

Thanks for following up with those additional details. In this case, would you be able to share your file with us? That’ll help us take a closer look at what might be going on. Also, has this issue appeared in any of your other RP projects?

hi there… I’m also having the same problem
bit odd as another designer was successful

Hi trevayne.vanniekerk!

Hmm, that does sound odd! Just to confirm, are you experiencing an issue where when uploading your Axure RP 8 project to Axure Share using the website, the uploaded project does not include its more recent project pages?

Could you please let me know if you have multiple HTML generators, such as any HTML generators that the other designer may not have? If you could please post your RP file here, we can take a closer look at the file and investigate this issue further. If you would prefer to keep the RP file private, please feel free to email the project our support team at