Hi ranwang,

From your translated message, it sounds as if you’re having trouble creating a team project on SVN. Can you try the tips in the following section “Setting up an SVN Server”?

After you set up your SVN server, you can use the URL and enter it in the Create Team Project dialog while the “SVN” tab is selected:

If you have questions or into trouble, please do email us at and we can provide more guidance. Hope that helps!

How can I use SVN to work together after Axure has created a successful team project?

Now submitted to modify the project click on the group to submit more updates to the team directory, but the other person can not open the team project, but also to update less than new content, what should be a kind of process?


你就在你的共享盘创建项目,后面的团队人员就可以check in & check out 一个团队项目了。

Hi twinyk,

I had to translate your post, but it sounds like you were able to successfully set up the team project on your SVN shared drive, does that sound correct? If you’re running into any issues or have any questions during this, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks!