Axure Team processes

I’m new to Teams/check out in Axure 10 and have been using Figma for the last 2 years as my primary tool (mainly an org directive). Axure is still the superior tool for dynamic prototyping for sure and I really enjoy working in it. However, the collaborative tools are confusing to me. I’m used Sharepoint in the past and this is what the Axure Team functions feel like to me.
Is there future vision to make it feel like a more seamless Team/collaborative tool?

Hello @jayhilwig, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve included a link below with a short explanation regarding how team projects work:

To make the Team’s functionality work, you need two parts: the central .rpteam file stored on Axure cloud, and every teammate must have their own copy of the central .rpteam file connected to the central .rpteam file via Team → Get and Open Team Project link. It might help if you imagine a spider web; the primary .rpteam file would be at the center of this web, and every thread from the center would lead to an individual copy of your teammate, making it the whole connected system.

If something doesn’t look right or doesn’t work as expected, then please feel free to email us your file along with a short description of the issue at’d love to take a closer look at it for you.

Currently, our product team is working hard on improving Axure, and I’d be happy to pass them on any features you consider should be added to our Teams functionality.