Axure | User Testing with

Hey guys,

I want to do some user testing with my prototype and I was looking for an inexpensive user testing tool to do so.
I’ve stumbled across and was wondering if Axure works with their platform? Any help and all help is welcome!


Hi Preston!

Generally speaking, the overall workflow involves publishing RP projects to our free hosted service Axure Share (; doing so would then provide a unique URL corresponding to each generated project. From there, you can target or reference the project URL with your testing tool of choice.

We haven’t evaluated integration with, specifically, but it does look as if you’d be able to pop in a URL and record a session. Nonetheless, I’ll be logging your thread here for our product team to evaluate as well.

Another popular testing tool that often comes up among users is Google Analytics. For testing on Android devices, seemed to be a good option. With Axure Share’s plugin feature, you could incorporate the external tracking code in with the prototype. Here’s an example with Google Analytics:

Hopefully that’s helpful!