Axure v9 - change style of multiple widgets on mouseover


Is there any way to change the style of multiple widgets on mouseover within the same event? I have created a scrolling LH navigation using a table with two coloumns. On mouseover, I am trying to change the style of both columns in the table row at the same time but it does not seem as if there is a way to do this - and if I try to create a 2nd interaction on the same table cell (on mouse over) the same event is disabled as it has already been used.

Hi! If the goal is to apply the same MouseOver interaction style to both columns of the table at the same time, then you’ll first want to select all of the cells that you want to apply the MouseOver style to (you can [Cmd]+[Click] them or the handles at the top of the columns) and then choose to apply the MouseOver style; this should apply whatever properties you choose for MouseOver to all of the selected table cells. Hopefully that helps!

Hello, thanks for your reply. No not quite.

If I explain it a different way, in the screenshot below, on select (checkbox in first table cell) display mouseover properties of cells 1 - 5 row 1 at the same time.

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