Axure's Libraries folder on Mac OS Catalina appears on the wrong location?

Afer intalling Axure RP 9 i’ve noticed a folder called Axure and a Libraries folder within on my Documents folder in catalina. (Documents > Axure > Libraries) it’s empty, Should I delete it? Is this the correct place for that Axure folder on my Mac? I thought the documents folder on my Mac to be a personal folder so I don’t feel comfortable with that Libraries folder being there. It sound more like some sort of Axure config stuff.

Hi lmuzquiz, that is the correct location for that folder, which is the default location for locally stored widget libraries or custom libraries that you install. While you can’t permanently delete that folder (it will be re-created the next time you launch Axure RP), you do have the option to save your libraries to a different location on your machine when you initially add it to Axure RP:

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