BAC Calculator - Conditions not working?

I’m trying to make a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator.

I’m using 4 cases, with

  1. IF selected of kgs equals true / if selected of male equals true
  2. ELSE IF selected of lbs equals true / if selected of male equals true
  3. ELSE IF selected of kgs equals true / if selected of female equals true
  4. ELSE IF selected of lbs equals true / if selected of female equals true
    … set text to (the respective formula)

However, only the first case works. For all my ‘ELSE IF’ cases, clicking the button doesn’t return any text at all, and I can’t figure out which part of my logic is wrong… though I suspect it’s something completely silly.

Can someone help? I’ve attached the file if that helps.

Thanks so much!

BAC-calculator.rp (166.7 KB)


I have zero idea why this isn’t working. I even reduced the logic to this:

The first condition fires when kgsCheck is selected and maleCheck is selected, but neither condition fires when lbsCheck is selected AND maleCheck is selected. (I feel like I’m going crazy staring at this.)

I even renamed all the widgets involved just to make sure there isn’t some identically named widget that is used in the logic. Everything works fine if you change the ELSE IF to an IF, but that is not the point.

I sent my reduced example to the Axure folks to see if they can figure out what is going on.

It might have something to do with your file, because I created a new file using the same logic, and it worked fine.


I updated the logic to use a “catch-all” ELSE IF, and still none of the conditions fire unless both kgsCheck is true and maleCheck is true:

Hi! We received the debug file that josephxbrick sent over and it looks like something buggy may be going on; the interactions seem to be correct and we didn’t find anything that looks like it would conflict with the expected behavior. I’ve filed a bug report with QA for further investigation on this, but in the meantime one thing that did work was simply changing the order of the first two cases; this preserves the “If” and “Else/If” and seems to allow the conditions to trigger as expected. As far as how the file got into this state, @suhanong if you happen to recall how you build the interactions and whether you ran into any errors or anything while setting up the conditions then that would be helpful to pass to QA!

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