Bad delays caused by library

Whenever I focus on the library pane, Axure becomes terribly unresponsive. Trying to scroll the window or click on a widget results in a few seconds delay for each click or scroll.
I already uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Axure 8 version and do not have any libraries loaded except for the 3 that came with Axure (Default,Flow & Icons). The Library folder in the default location (/Axure/Libraries) is empty. My laptop new and in good shape.

Help! Any ideas?

Hi there! It sounds like you’re seeing lag while scrolling and interacting with the default widget libraries in the libraries pane. To verify, do you happen to be using Axure RP 8 on a Windows machine? There’s a known issue that pops up here and there with widget library scrolling depending on the color profiles that you’re using on your display (specifically non-default profiles), which sounds similar to the behavior you’re encountering. If you’re able to email us directly at with a link to this thread then we can assist with implementing the fix for the related issue to see if that does the trick for you. Thank you!

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