Base view flash before target view


I have a prototype with two views: base view (mobile) and a desktop view (>960px). When I load the prototype on a browser >960px, I can see for a couple of seconds the base view and then the desktop view is displayed. Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi alvarotrapote,

To start, how big is your page? Does it have a lot of widgets on it? And what build of Axure RP are you running? Could you make sure you’re running the latest build (3379) by grabbing the installer directly from Also, what browser are you using to preview? Does it help if you preview in other browsers?

If updating and previewing in other browsers do not help, please feel free to post your .rp file here, and I’ll take a look to see if I can offer some more direct assistance. Thanks!

Thanks Jane.

I have the latest version of Axure 8 and it seems changing browsers doesn’t help. After some investigation seems the problem comes from the size of the page. If I generate the page, the html file is about 800K. That doesn’t seems like a lot to me, but if I remove some stuff here and there, then the page starts to show only the target view and not the base and then the target. Do you have any tips about how to solve this? I guess that maybe next time, I can always leave base blank and use the adaptive views, so at least I wouldn’t see the base view since it is blank.

Thanks again

Hi alvarotrapote,

Thanks for the update. It sounds like the issue is occurring due to the number of widgets that are on the page and are being loaded in the browser at once. Off the top of my head, one solution may be to add a “splash” image or something similar to your Base view, and then OnPageLoad, add a “Wait” interaction of say 500ms (the duration would depend on your file and the loading time you are experiencing), and then hide that splash image. Does that sound like it would help? Otherwise, could you post your .rp file here so that I can try and test some stuff on my end? If you’d rather keep the file private, feel free to email that in to, and we can continue working with your project through there. :slight_smile: