Basic repeater summary of numbers - help needed

I have read all the threads on calculating repeater rows, but I keep getting wrong, or no results in my Sum text field (the Label below the table for test purposes). I have tried with and without punctuation in my different sums, but that does not seem to give me the correct calculation.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Irepeater_calculation.rp (958.9 KB)

It was a good challenge, but I think I have found it.
OnPageLoad you need to initiate SUM to be 0.
You can add “Set Variable Value” in all your IFs, or to add additional case, like I did here:

repeater_calculation_fixed.rp (959.2 KB)

Thank you so much. I actually discovered there is a bug in axure causing the default 0 value (I had set for the SUM var) to change by itself when the repeater loads, and also when I click publish preview.

Was still in need of a workaround though, so thanks again :slight_smile: