Batch upload/processing custom SVG icons into widgets

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I have 165 SVG icons that I would like to convert to a widget library within Axure. But I don’t want to have to create each widget individually. Is there any way to batch process SVGs into a widget library for use in axure? I know how to create a custom widget library one by one but not sure how to do it in batch.

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No, there isn’t really.

Personally I solved this problem with a script I wrote attached to a single “icon controller” widget. The script looked for hotspots following a specific naming scheme and then inserted the SVG icon from an imported SVG spritesheet and styled them.

I could place a hotspot and then name it something like “icon-heart#FF0000” and it would fill that hotspot with a red heart icon from the spritesheet.

Could you tell me more about the technique that you used?

Not having a straight-foward to do this is a huge pain-point with Axure

Hi. I’ve been out of the Axure loop for a bit so I didn’t see your reply, but I can dig it up if it’s still relevant to you.

At the time I wrote it though, Axure didn’t support SVGs. That’s not the case now, so you can import your SVGs into Axure and change the border and fill as you see fit, so you might not need it. But if the batch things is the issue, then yeah it might help.

If you don’t specifically need the widget library format, but just want to access the SVGs from the libraries pane, you can add the image folder containing the SVGs using the button indicated here:

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