BestPracticeQ: Maintaining WidgetStyles Across Multiple RP files



Hi folks,

Do any of us work with with a single RP file, only for it to grow so large that you have to split it into 2, then 3 then 4 separate RP files?

If so, and if your multiple RP files have to maintain a unified look and feel, how do you “sync” their individual widget styles (stylesheets)?

For example I work on RP file A, and edit widget style named TacoButton. My other RP files use the same widgetstyle TacoButton as well. So is there an efficient way of making sure my other RP files have their definition of TacoButton style updated?

Mucho thanks!


If you use same thing widgets often just make as library and you can always use them whenever you want.


Thanks but that wouldn’t work for me.
My dilemma is that I use i the same widget styles across multiple RP files. And the style definitions evolve over time.
But as I invariably change and evolve a style’s definition in one RP file, it then becomes out of sync with the same style in the other RP files.

For example: Currently a widget style for a button hover state includes a drop shadow. I apply this to my buttons in four different RP files. A week later the creative Director declares: button hovers shall no longer have drop shadows. Now I have to into all four RP files and edit the widget style definition to not have a drop shadow. Multiply this by 20 every day and my days ar no longer productive.

I need an easy way to update/sync-up the other RP files’ widget styles.

It’d be great if I could open an RP file and import a second file’s styles to overwrite styles of same name.


You certainly used to be able to do this via Import from .rp function. You’d get an import dialogue asking if you wanted to overwrite styles in the destination file.

Maybe they’ve changed how this works… I’ll check on the morrow. This is quite an important function…


Hi John!

As stunews mentioned, you can do this by importing the widget styles from File A to File B. To do this, open up File B in Axure RP, navigate to “File > Import from RP File”, select File A, and then skip to 9 of the Import Wizard dialog to import the File A’s widget styles to File B. All you need to make sure at this point is that the widget styles in File A have the exact same name as the widget styles in File B that you wish to override.


Thanks a million guys, stunews and Jane_Axure.
I know I could’ve experimented my way to what you answered with, but every minute saved is another Corona getting my attention. :wink:

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