(BIG) Feature request: Axure for the iPad Pro?

With the new iPadOS and horsepower of the iPad pro, it would be amazing to be able to open my projects on it and be able to prototype on the go. Especially if you take advantage of the Apple Pencil to draw standard shapes automatically by using shape recognition like many note taking and drawing apps do.

Please consider it if you’re not already :slight_smile:


Just FIY, Adobe Comp already does this in an amazing way utilising the iPad and apple pencil to it’s full potential. Wireframing in that app is a breeze and very enjoyable. No wonder it is so highly voted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any of Axure’s advanced scripting and conditions - which I think it shouldn’t be too heavy on the iPad Pro.

Would be amazing if Axure would have a version like that.


I’d +1 this, I have replaced my laptop with the iPad pro when out of the office, including when I’m away on-site most times. The only application I can’t cover on the iPad pro is Axure.

It’s a real shame, as this is leading me towards other solutions, though I’ve been an Axure user since the start. Hopefully they will consider this.