Bizarre URL data appearing instead of repeater content

I’m having an issue where placing text in a repeater is turning into a crazy URL when published to AxShare.

The prototype is below:

Just setting text to an element like you would in any repeater…this is …

Hi tomjonesrocks!

Hmm, from looking at the console, it looks as if your “Photo Filename” widget is setting its text to equal the value of the “Item.Photo” repeater item. However, it also looks like the “Photo” image widget is set to show the image imported into this repeater item. It’s possible that the URL that is appearing is due to both of these widgets values’ pulling from the imported image’s repeater column. It looks like the file in question may have already been submitted to our support team for further investigation, so additional information regarding the cause of the issue may be found during that time. I’ll update this thread as the case progresses!

Sent the file over - waiting on a reply from Justin…

Hi all!

tomjonesrocks sent in an email to the support team and we were able to find that these CloudFront URLs are appearing due to a bug. More specifically, setting the text of a widget to text that ends in an image file extension will show a CloudFront URL.

As a workaround, we removed the image extension from the text in the repeater’s data set. Then we added the image extension to the repeater’s OnItemLoad event. As shown in the screenshot below:

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