Border style in widget library not visible


I just upgraded to Axure 10 and opened one of my biggest prototypes in Axure 10. No issue with that in general. on the contrary, new features allow me to get rid of some nasty workarounds, but there is one little issue with my input fields.

I have a widget style library for this project containing all style. One of them is “input_default” style (simple 1px border with rounded corners). I use this style for Inuput fields and droplists.

When I now apply it, the border is visible on the droplist, but not on the input field widget.
when I now select the input field, the border is visible.

Changing the style, deleting, turning my computer on an off, restarting (or all the other obvious things) don’t work. As soon as I unselect the input field, the border is gone.

Seems to me a lot like a bug. Do you guys have it on your list? Or does someone have another creative solution how I get my border back?

I found the issue myself.

It was the hint-style. In Axure 9 I set the border to 0 cause putting it to 1 basically put a border around the hint label of the input field.

Somehow in Axure 10, the hint-style is applied to the whole rectangle, not only to the label.

I am still not sure why this change was made (or if it s just by accident/ a bug) but my input fields are correct again.