Bottom to top or right to left repeater grid?

Is is possible to change the origin of where repeaters load items from? Right now a horizontal repeater loads left to right and a vertical one loads top to bottom. Is it possible to do the opposite?

As far as I can tell, sorts won’t work for this since a grid of 11 items with 5 per row/column will always have the last item in its own row/column on the bottom or right no matter how you sort it.

Hi jhedges,

Thanks for posting! Currently, repeater widgets are sorted from top to bottom when “Vertical” is chosen, and from left to right when “Horizontal” is chosen. However, to help with this, I would be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to have an option to have the repeater sort from bottom to top when “Vertical” is chosen, and from right to left when “Horizontal” is chosen.

Hope this helps!


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Is there any update regarding this? I can’t find the option for this feature 2 years later.