Bring-to-front for dynamic panel not working

I have a simple prototype created and working in RP8 but when I transfer it to RP10 the bring-to-front for dynamic panels (contained within a component) is not working as expected. I have attached both files.

There is a 3x3 matrix of components called Flip. Clicking on one makes it change state and expand to take up the entire space of the matrix. To cover the other Flips it obviously has to be brought to the front. This works fine in RP8 but in the RP10 version (which is essentially a copy of the RP8) the clicked Flip does not come to the front.


RP8.rp (184.7 KB)
RP10.rp (180.9 KB)

Hi there!

It sounds like you upgraded your project by going directly from RP 8 to RP 10. RP files can be upgraded to newer versions but we strongly recommend this be done so sequentially (RP 8 to 9 to 10). To upgrade your RP 8 project, open and save your project in RP 9 and then open and save that project in RP 10. I have included a link to our Axure RP 9 download page below:

Download Axure RP 9

If you skip versions, unexpected behavior can occur like the issue you’re encountering. I have gone ahead and upgraded your RP 8 file to RP 9 and attached it below.

RP9.rp (179.8 KB)

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