Bring to Front Within a Dynamic Panel


I’m creating a prototype where images are layered within a dynamic panel, and there is a static image in front of the dp to act as a frame for the images.

When the user selects an image to display, I want it to slide in BEHIND my static image frame, but IN FRONT of all the other layers. I assumed Bring to Front would be constrained by the DP, but the image is sliding in, fully visible in front of my static “frame” image. Is there any way to keep my frame in front at all times, while showing the current user-selected layer in front of the other previously-selected layers inside the DP?


Actually, I solved it with a workaround. Maybe this is how it is intended to work in the first place:

On Selected

  1. Bring chosen layer to front
  2. Bring Frame to front
  3. Show chosen layer slide right


Yes, your approach is how I would do this, and is my understanding of how Axure is intended to work.

It would make sense if the dynamic “Bring to Front/Back” action would be restricted to widgets within the dynamic panel. This is basically how it works in the editor when you change the z-order layer of widgets within a dynamic panel or group. It would also be nice if Axure had options to “Bring to Group Front” and “Bring to Canvas Front” …but probably not common enough to justify it.


Thanks for this tip, good to know.