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Is there a way to close a second (or third) browser tab from the active tab? In other words, I have tabs A, B, C open and I want to close tabs B and C from tab A but want to keep tab A open. I saw the Close Window action in the case editor but I don’t see an option for closing other tabs. I don’t know JS very well but I’m guessing that JS would be the answer here? Window.close() with some attributes?



Are you opening external URLs or pages within your prototype? You can use JS to close the windows as long as you have the “handle” for the window when it opens. This link talks about how to do this (

What might get a bit tricky is if you’re expecting to pass variables, etc between the pages as you’re going to have to “hard code” the links to the pages you want to open if they are axure pages.

I can get you an example of how to do this in Axure, just curious if it would be axure pages vs web pages.

Thank you.

I’m opening three Axure pages on selection change in a dropdown. The user is intended to browse each page and close them. So just in case the user does not close them the requirement is to close them when the user clicks “Complete” on the first page (same page of the dropdown). So yes, I know the name of the pages that need to be opened and closed.

I wish I could share the Axure file but cant’ due to NDA stuff. I hope my description is enough. Please let me know.



Hey there,

Here’s a sample. There are two JS functions - one that opens the tab and stores it in an array (pass a URL string when calling) and another function that goes through each item in the array and closes it (no arguments for this function).

The functions are added in an onPageLoad event, and then called onClick. You’ll notice the open link function on the top 3 items. I added the close link function the bottom item. I used labels because I was lazy, but you can copy the onclick events to a widget of any type.

tabManagement.rp (74.3 KB)

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