BUG: Axshare not scaling on mobile

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but the “scale to fit” feature isn’t working on mobile for me.

My project is 288x512.
When I publish to axshare and view on the web with “scale to fit” enabled the file scales up to fill the screen. However, on mobile it doesn’t do anything. View at 100%, scale to width and scale to fit make no difference.

However, if I double the resolution of my file to 576x1024 and publish, the published file is larger than my mobile screen and using scale to fit scales DOWN the project. Is this a known bug, or an intended interaction that you can only scale down on mobile and not scale up?

I’m using a pixel 2XL, so I’m not sure why 576x1024 is larger than my viewable area on device anyway.
Here’s a link to the images where you can see my issues https://photos.app.goo.gl/6B1QSbSPg2bGuC2ZA

Any ideas?

Hi jpumpr!

I wanted to let you know that we have a bug report on file regarding this “Scale to Fit” behavior and our respective teams are currently investigating a fix for this issue. I’ll be adding a note to this report regarding your experience!

I hope this helps!