Bug (Axure 8) in horizontal-layout "Fit to Content in HTML" repeater on update, filter



This bug is with the release version of Axure 8.

If you’ve got a repeater set to “fit content in html” with a horizontal layout, and it contains shape whose text is set to “fit to content” (i.e., its left/right drag handles are yellow), it initializes perfectly, but any update to the repeater causes it to no longer fit content in html.

Instead all of the column values squash together, since the repeater is now ignoring the length of the text string and instead is using the authored width of the shape containing the text. The repeater basically turns “fit content in html” off after any update or filter.

Live sample.

file: horizontal layout fit content to html.rp (87.2 KB)

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Hi again!

As I suspected, the same problem happens in the vertical orientation. It initializes fine (the wrapped text is accommodated by the height of each repeater row), but upon update or filter, that goes out the window.

This bug seems to limit the usefulness of “Fit to Content in HTML” significantly!

Live sample:

File (with both bugs): horizontal layout fit content to html.rp (124 KB)


I hope this is fixed soon. It significantly diminishes the usefulness of this new feature I was very excited about.


Hi guys,

This looks like it’s the same issue as a bug reported over in this thread:


I’ve gone ahead and added this thread to our existing bug report so that we have all of the info together while we investigate the cause of the “Fit to Content in HTML” problem. Thank you for posting those sample files and reporting the issue!


Hi Alyssa -

NO. that other bug is an Axure 7 bug and has nothing to do with this bug. Axure 7 doesn’t have the “Fit to Content in HTML” feature. (In that post, the poster is going through a number of tricks to force the Axure 7 repeater to display different row heights.)

This is a bug with Axure 8’s new “Fit to Content in HTML” feature.


Oh - I see. You were referring to a post further down the thread. Thanks!


Whoops, yes, I meant to link to the posts further down for 8.0. I updated the link in my post above so that anyone else who encounters the bug doesn’t get thrown off by that link. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Any new fix for this yet? I’ve checked both here and the linked issue and there’s been no update for almost 2 years (unless I’m not finding it…)

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