[Bug] Connector Line Issues

I’m having issues with my connector lines showing up correctly when I publish my RP file. Everything appears correct in Axure and when I preview it in the browser. However, once I publish it, a bunch of the connector lines disappear, appear at weird angles, etc.

It’s enormously frustrating because there appears to be no fix. Redrawing the connector lines from scratch did not fix the issue.

I spent an enormous amount of time using these connectors to spec out a huge number of deliverables, only to discover after I published it, that they were completely useless.

Please advise!

Axure9_ConnectorLines_Bug-01.rp (863.3 KB)

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I see this problem too.

Hi! When you built the connectors and arranged the lines and widgets on the canvas, do you recall whether you used the Align tool to adjust the positioning of those widgets? As I’m taking a look at your file and checking the tickets filed on our end, one item I see is that if you have two widgets connected by a connector, select them, and then use the “Arrange > Align” tool to align left, center, or right, then the widgets seem to start rendering oddly. In your file selecting one of the widgets that the problematic connector is attached to, moving it slightly, and then moving it back to its original position seems to fix the lines as it forces the connector line to redraw itself correctly. Hopefully that does the trick for you for this file. Any additional details you can share about how you originally placed and arranged those widgets would help!

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