BUG: Connectors not displaying properly

In this image there should be a connecting line between the two locked icons and below the bottom one too, but it’s getting all messed up in preview. tested in Firefox and chrome

Hi jpumpr,

Could you update to the latest build of the 9 beta (3623) to see if that helps? There was a hot fix for a connector rendering bug in this build, so I’m wondering if you’re running into the same issue. If not, would you be able to post your .rp file here for me to test? Thanks!

I have 3625 build and stil see bad rendering in preview.

Hi maligoj,

Is there a chance you’re zoomed into the browser? If so, we have this issue on file, and our teams are working to resolve the issue. Please lmk otherwise, though!

Jes, that is true. I got broken lines only when zoomed out for one step.
Thank you for the hint.