[BUG] Cursor.x and Cursor.y returned as String when set to Global Variable

Hi, theres a bug in Axure right now (Pro Edition x64).

I have a rectangle, and i want to get the cursor position when clicked.

The Set Text action works, but the Set Variable Value doesnt, it outputs the value as a string instead of as a value… (the error also happens with Cursor,y, but it doesnt happen with other math variables)

Untitled.rp (44.2 KB)

add “wait 50ms” before set value
or use an Variable you create by your own instead of OnLoadVariable
see what happen ?

Untitled.rp (44.3 KB)

No, this was confirmed as a bug by Axure in a private email to me. Its a problem of version x64. Do you have that version?