[BUG] Date / Time Textfield on mobile won't set text

Hi everyone,
I’m having a little problem with my prototype. I have a couple of textfields which are set to “Date” and “Time” type. That works great on mobile interaction, because it shows the native pickers. However, when I set time or date and i tap on “done” on my phone, it sets the text on the field as hint, not as text.
That’s a bummer, because i can’t see a way to save those data into a global variable, except of course making it a simple text field.
Is it a bug or just a compatibility problem with mobile prototypes?

Thanks everyone!


The text field with date input applied has been broken on desktop since Axure 8. You can’t manually enter a date, and when chosen from the picker, as you point out, it doesn’t set the text of the field, so no Text Changed message, no ability to query the field’s value, etc. (This is true of Chrome and Firefox on MacOS. In Safari a date input just acts like a text field.)

If you just need to show the concept rather than have it actually work, you might just set up a happy-path interaction with a fake date picker for desktop.

It’s a pity, especially on mobile because it would make the interaction with date and time pickers awesome.
How comes they’ve never been fixed?


They may not know it is broken, or they may be prioritizing other things over fixing this.

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I emailed the support about it. Let’s see what they reply.