Bug: disabled widget reacts to OnDrag event

Hi there,

have a trouble with dynamic panels and OnDrag event on them. Simply, the DPs continue to react on OnDrag events being disabled. Please tell me if I do something wrong and if there is any workaround. I’m using Axure 8.


Hi Paul1,

Ah as it turns out, this isn’t a bug - disabled Dynamic Panels still carry out their OnDrag/OnSwipe events. I can see how this behavior can be unexpected, though, and I’ve passed this post along to our respective teams for evaluation.

In the meantime, what you can do is use conditional logic and global variables to disable the drag. So let’s say you had a button that disabled a DP with an OnDrag event. OnClick of the button, in addition to disabling the DP, add a “Set Variable Value” action to set the value of three global variables to the current x position of the DP, the current y position of the DP, and another to track the disabled state of the DP. OnDrag of the DP, add a conditional event to say if the value of the global variable is true (the one that keeps track of its disabled state), then move the DP to the value of the x and y global variables.

I’ve attached an example file to demonstrate this. Hope it helps!

DisabledDP.rp (53.7 KB)


understood. Thanks for the workaround.