Bug: Dosis web-safe font "Bold" not working in preview

In the app, I can select Dosis font, but it only shows bold. If I switch it to Regular, it just instantly reverts it back to Bold. And worse yet, because I want it bold, on the cloud preview, the font only shows as Regular even though it’s set as Bold in the app.



Hi @artonic, it appears that you use a web font in your project. You might experience this issue if you use some web fonts that were embedded incorrectly. To set up and embed your web font so all users can see the same font in your cloud link, you need to link to the .css or use the @font-face definition. Keep in mind the web fonts will need to be hosted to embed. For more information on how to embed web fonts, you can navigate to our reference page linked below:

Using Web Fonts

If you’ve embedded your font and you still see this issue, can you please attach a copy of your .rp file so we can check the font settings? This will also help us recreate this issue on our side.