Bug - Dynamic Panel Disappearing

Dynamic panels made as component disappears randomly. They work fine, are saved and shared with team. When opening Axure the next workday, the panel is empty, resized, and there is no history of the component ever existing in on the cloud. This has happened 3 times now, in less than 2 weeks, on two different components.
Am I doing something wrong??

Hi ssummerv,

That definitely doesn’t sound like expected behavior, and it sounds like you may have run into a recent bug with dynamic panels. Just to confirm it’s the same issue, is this disappearing content happening to dynamic panels that have been converted into components from RP 10 builds 3862-3864? If so, we have just released a new build, build 3865, that should prevent this happening going forward.

You and your teammates can download the new build via the updater (Help > Check for Updates) in RP 10 or from our download page at axure.com/download. Your whole team will want to update their own build of RP 10 to avoid running into this on team projects.

If the issue you encountered seems different than this or you’re still having issues after updating, please let us know and we will continue to investigate this further!

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