Bug? Hidden Menu doesn't let show it again in Axure (and Browser too)

Hi Axure Team,

I had a trouble. I have a menu which is hidden. Now it doesn’t let change it back to visible. If the “Hidden” Radio Button is chosen or not. I can’t make it visible again. Please help.

Best regards from Germany :slight_smile:

Just send rp from your description we couldn’t help :slight_smile:

bug_visability.rp (75.0 KB)

I send here the rp-file with only that bug widget.
You can look at it. But I do it new and now it works fine for me again.


Hi ntk,

The issue is that the individual dynamic panels are hidden, as well as the group. So when you show the group, the individual dynamic panels are still set to hidden, which is why you’re still unable to see them. To remedy the issue, slow-click to the next layer (the three dynamic panels) to set them to visible and set the group to visible as well.

For the next time, I’d recommend setting just the group to hidden, which would hide all items in the group.

Lmk if you have any questions!

bug_visability_EDIT.rp (84.9 KB)

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your reply. I see now I bugged myself. :blush:

Best regards