Bug in HTML preview using move to action?



I’ve created this gauge / meter style display for a bunch of metrics. There is one master for each metric I want to display.

I placed a copy of the masters inside a dynamic pane within a repeater row. For each row, I’ve defined the X and Y coordinate values of where the white dot should appear for each metric within the repeater data table.

Everything seems to work fine inside of Axure. Here is a screenshot. You can see the white dots have moved relative to the individual values. This is exactly the behavior I want.

However, all is not well when I preview the application. Instead of positioning the white dot using the defined coordinates relative to the master, which is what is happening in the screenshot above, the dots are being positioned relative to the parent container (i.e. the dynamic pane / repeater row).

I sent an email to Axure support, but I haven’t heard back yet. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and if you have any workarounds or different ways of moving objects that are more stable.

RP file attached. Thanks for the help!!

Project_210403_1.rp (313.7 KB)



I too did not expect this behavior. I always assumed that a master got its own coordinate system, just like a dynamic panel does.

If you go into each master, select everything, and choose Create Dynamic Panel, that fixes everything.

[edit] I went back to Axure 8 (the version I use) and it behaves the same way, in that the in-Axure preview differs from the HTML output. I’m guessing the code that generates the in-Axure preview has nothing to do with the outputted HTML. (Presented as contrast, Figma renders its entire UI using HTML.) Axure 10 Beta has the same problem, by the way.


josephxbrick - I cannot thank you enough. Wrapping everything in a dynamic panel within the master worked perfectly. Thank you!


Jorkin - that’s interesting. I’m not entirely sure I’m following what your expression is doing - what exactly is the widget “group” - is that the parent object?

Is there any advantage to doing it your way vs. lumping everything into a dynamic panel? Both seem to get the job done, but is one more stable or more efficient than the other?



Dynamic panel is a better way . If a master is converted to dynamic panel It is absolute parent object.