Bug in new AxShare 9 keyboard nav

The new Axshare keyboard navigation for Axure 9 beta would be great, except it seems to still be in effect even when the browser focus is inside a textarea. The result is that if a user types a comma or period into a text area during a demo or user test, they are suddenly taken to another page within the prototype.

I already sent an email to support about this bug, but was wondering if anybody else has run into this, and if there are any known workarounds. It’s basically making it impossible for me to user test an RP9 prototype I just built.

Which browser are you using? Just tested typing ,. in a text area and it did not switch the pages. If I lost focus and typed ,. it changed the page.

I’m in Chrome 69.0 on Mac High Sierra.

After some experimentation, it seems to be an issue with this one specific prototype. When I just put a regular textarea in a new prototype for testing, I don’t have the problem. I’m working now to isolate what is causing the issue. I have some onTextChange interactions on the textarea, and I assume one of those is causing the textarea to lose focus for a split second.

Hey folks!

KramGunderson wrote in to our support team regarding this issue, and we were able to narrow it down to a particular text area widget on one of the prototype’s pages. When a period or comma was entered into this widget, it would cause the new Axure Share navigation shortcuts to direct to a different page in the Axure Share project. This continued to occur even after the widget’s interactions were removed, and the widget was placed into a new Axure RP 9 file. A report regarding this odd little widget has now been filed.

If anyone runs into a similar issue, please feel free to write in to support@axure.com!

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