[Bug?] Increasing border thickness in MouseDown Style Effect makes a Fill-Image move only when left aligned


I have an issue that seems to have shown up in the last update of Axure.
All our buttons using a left-positonned image in the Fill-Image property have started to move the image when pressed because we use a 3-pixels border in the Style Effect - MouseDown.

We can reproduce in an empty project with these steps:

-Drop a Button widgets from the Default library.

-In Style panel, Fill - Image property: select any small icon e.g.24x24 png.

-Set the Style - Fill - Image - position to the left

-In Interactions panel, Add Style Effect - MouseDown style - More Style Properties: Border thickness = 3

Running that results in having the image moving to the right when the button is pressed but this does not happen if the image is positionned in the center or to the right. (Also, it didn’t happen some time ago when left positionned.)

I hope the explanations were clear enough so you can help us fix that.

Thank you.

Sample project: https://w00ffu.axshare.com