[Bug] Locked Master disappears when Design View is scrolled horizontally



Hi there,

in Axure 7 (maybe also in 6.x) an included master with the setting: “Drop Behavior > Lock to Master Location” disappears in the design view, when I scroll the view to the right. If you click on the area the master is placed, the red outline is rendered but the master still is not displayed (see attached screenshots).

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Thanks for the heads up! This should be fixed in the latest release candidate,, Release Candidate | Axure. Let us know if you notice any problems.


Hi Ian,

unfortunatelly the download links are down at the moment.


Thanks for the heads up! You can actually grab them at the regular download now, Update To Latest Version | Axure. We’ll get them fixed, though.


Hi Ian,

the link works fine.
The bug is fixed in version!


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