[Bug] Main menus disappear

Found a bug which is quite annoying. Under certain circumstances, when hovering over the main menu items, the pop-out menus can disappear, requiring you to click off then back on the menu again to show them. It’s a bit random, and the only steps I could replicate consistently are below, however I have had it where none of the menus are showing on hover.


  • Go to View menu

  • Hover over Panes > Panes sub-menu pops out

  • Hover over Project > The Project sub-menu does not appear

  • Go to View menu

  • Hover over Toolbars > Toolbars sub-menu pops out

  • Hover over Project > The Project sub-menu does appear

This inconsistency is relatively easily fixed by hovering on another menu, however as I said above, I’ve had behaviour (which I can’t reliably recreate) where all menus are not showing anything on hover.

Hi Matt!

Hmm, that does sound odd! I’ve just tested out this menu behavior on Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.14, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue just yet. To further investigate, could you confirm that you’re running the latest build for Axure RP 9 when you’re seeing this behavior? Additionally, if you’re able to catch this behavior on a video, this may help to more closely reproduce the interactions involved on my end.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Chelsea_Axure,
Here’s a video capture. I’m unable to upload a video file format, so I had to rename it to .rp. Simply download it and rename it to .mp4

Axure Version

Menus.rp (5.4 MB)

Hi Matt!

Aha! Thank you very much for the video, I just reproduced it! I’ll be filing a bug report on this behavior for our respective teams to review on your behalf. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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