[Bug] Master views not displaying correctly

Very excited about the new Master views feature! However, I’m having a bit of an issue getting it working.

I have created a master for a component that contains 4 pieces of content. Each piece of content is itself a master with 3 different views, corresponding to the type of content being shown (e.g. article, video, or podcast).

I want to use this master component in a couple of different pages, so I have set it up with different views. One view contains all videos, and the other contains a mix of content.

I was hoping to add the master to different pages, and change the view setting so it’s showing different content in each instance.

The master views work as expected in the Axure app itself, but when I render the HTML, it comes out a bit off kilter - some elements are visible when they shouldn’t be, and others that should be visible are not. I think it’s something to do with the face that I’m nesting masters inside another.

Nesting symbols is something I love about Sketch, and I was hoping to get something similar working in Axure too!

I’ve attached the file below.

Nested masters.rp (572.2 KB)

Hi Paj,

Thanks for trying out the 9 beta! This is a known bug we have on file where a nested master won’t show its subview if the parent master is also set to a subview, and I’ve added this post to that report. Our teams are still ironing a few fixes for master views, but hopefully this helps a bit. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane.

I’m also having some intermittent issues with Master views generally, regardless of whether they are nested within another master or not. Certain elements of a Master style (e.g. different coloured icons) will display on some pages, but won’t display on others.

For now I’ve gone back to having multiple masters for each style. Hopefully a fix will come soon as I’m really keen to start using this feature!

Hi Paj,

I’m sorry to hear that. So that we could wrap up the remaining master view bugs, could you post an example .rp file where you’re seeing them not working? If you’d rather keep the file private, feel free to send that over to support@axure.com. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the same issue or not. I dummied up a file with the same setup that I’m seeing in my working file. I have a page with an adaptive view with breakpoints at 768 and 375. I made a master that had master views to reflect those sizes. I set up the adaptive views to use the correct instances of the master. The 768 px wide version works but the 375px version doesn’t…

When I preview, the 1024 and 768 display fine. But the 375 shows items that I’ve unplaced.

Here’s the RP file…

adaptive-test.rp (51.6 KB)

Hi solidstate!

It looks like you may be running into a separate bug that we have on file, where some widgets that are unplaced in masters continue to appear on the last adaptive view of the master. I have added a note to this bug report regarding your experience. One workaround I found to this issue in your file is to place the “Nav 1” widgets back into view on your Portrait Tablet adaptive view, and then navigate to your Phone adaptive view. Unplacing the widgets on your Phone view, and then unplacing the widgets on your Portrait Tablet view afterwards should allow the widgets to stay out of view on both adaptive views.

I hope this helps some!