Bug outliner : widget selection

Under the outliner pane, if I shift select all widgets then ctrl click to deselect few. Upon pressing delete, it still deletes the unselected ones.
I am guessing that even upon deselecting via ctrl click, it keeps it in memory the selection history.

Hi gen1n,

Could it be that a widget group folder was selected when you encountered this issue? If the folder icon for a group is selected, all of the contents of the folder will become selected, and could potentially be deleted. Deselecting the folder and selecting the contents of the folder instead will allow you to deselect widgets placed in the group folder. This makes it so that if part of the folder’s contents are deleted, the folder structure is maintained. Otherwise, a selected group folder will delete all contents of the group as the group is deleted.

If this issue did not occur while selecting a group folder, could you please send along a video of what happened?


Click here to view the Video Recording

I know this video is flickering, but I have done more than 10 renders and still problem persists.
If this causes a problem in understanding the video, please let me know and I will write down all the steps I did to recreate the selection problem.

Thanks so much for sending the video, gen1n!

It looks like this issue is definitely being caused by a bug. Widgets that are created in a dynamic panel state are not reacting to being deselected from a multi-widget selection correctly and are being deleted in this case. I was able to reproduce this behavior, and I’ve submitted a bug report regarding this to our teams for further investigation.

In the meantime, I would recommend avoiding deselections like this from within dynamic panel states. You could use the [SHIFT] + click shortcut to select the majority of the widgets, and then use a series of [CTRL] + click shortcuts on the remaining selections’s widgets to skip over the widget that you do not want to select.

Hopefully this helps some!

I am aware of the alternative method, thank you :slight_smile:
I just wanted to bring this to your attention.