[bug] Possible bug with dynamic panel widget with push/pull content below on panel state change


I guess I found a bug with the dynamic panel widget with push/pull content below feature turned on.

After panel state change when you start scrolling (up or down) “Chrome” browser jumps/scrolls to top – in Safari it jumps directly to top without scrolling!

See file attached ax10_bug_DP_pushpullbelow.rp (51.9 KB)

Chrome: Version 111.0.5563.110 (Official Build) (arm64)
OS: Max OS X Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)
Axure: Team Edition (x64) -> Beta build


I downloaded and previewed your prototype but wasn’t running into the issue you described. I’m running the same version of Chrome as you, although I’m on the x86_64 version (not arm64), I’m running Mac OS Monterey 12.6.3, and my Axure version is (x64). I know with the 3896 beta build of Axure, they rolled back some push/pull fixes they had implemented (not sure why) — I actually had updated to the 3896 build but was having some other issues so I rolled back to the 3893 build.

If you’re still having the issue, I would recommend trying to roll back your version of Axure to 3893, as well, and see if that helps.


@ghoustonUX thx for your feedback! … I rolled back to .3893 and it does work like a charm :blush:

But I do hope the Axure team will fix this in the upcoming release.

As I lately reinstalled Axure, I did just notice that I’m actually running the Intel (x64) version on my Apple Silicon (M1). So I will update one more time to the beta build, but this time with “arm64” build to double check if this is somehow related to the problem I encountered.


Appreciate you guys discovering this behavior for us and for the great investigative work as well!

We were able to reproduce this issue and can confirm this is a bug related to our latest build 3896. It looks like this bug occurs when using the push/pull behavior on widgets that are inside of a group. I have filed this on your behalves for our teams to investigate and be able to fix in future builds.

Rolling back to build 3893 seems to do the trick as you have discovered. However, if you wish to stay on build 3896, then you can avoid using those push/pull behaviors on widgets within a group.


thx for investigating this issue and about the workaround “avoid using those push/pull behaviors on widgets within a group” … until you guys have been able to fix this completely :raised_hands:

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