Bug: Push Widgets on Show/Hide pull down grouped objects above it

I have a group of 2 objects that sit 20 pixels above a droplist. The droplist has an iteraction set up so that if a certain option is selected, then it shows a panel and sets it to a certain state. It would then push down the objects underneath.

The problem is that the group sitting above gets pushed down along with the other objects. However, if I ungroup the objects, then it stays in place.

Btw, those objects are grouped together because I want to apply the same interaction to them as a whole.

Hi pixeler,

Thanks for the clear repro steps! This is currently a known issue we have on file where the whole group gets pushed with a show/hide interaction when there’s an action within a group to push widgets outside of the group, and I’ve added this post to that report. For now, the workaround (as you’ve found) is to un-group the group to get the push/pull to work as expected.