[Bug?] Readability - Invisible text when edited inside DP

When editing a text in DP, the text gone invisible. That does not happen always.
No dark mode. MACos Mojave 10.14. Latest build.
Font is white, edited in a non-isolated mode, over another DP with a dark background.
When I will click ‘isolate’ I would not see a thing, since it’s white on the isolation default white.
see the attached gif.

not sure if related but that’s a DP inside another DP.
There is another post on the same issue



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Hi Iris,

Thanks for the report and for the gif. As mentioned in the other forum post you linked to, we haven’t had much luck in reproducing this text-missing-in-DP-editing issue. Are you able to reliably reproduce it? If so, could you try recalling any specific steps you take prior to the issue manifesting? This could be adding a particular widget, editing the text on a widget, switching pages, or anything similar. We’re going to keep trying reproducing the issue on our end, but any additional details you’re able to provide will help!

I tried. I have created a new page, with nested DP. the outer DP had a dark Background, while the inner DP had the text. I added states, switched between them, but failed to reproduce it :frowning:

will try again if it happens.


I’ve had this issue. It was related to zoom level. If I reset the zoom to 100%, the issue resolves.

Hi JimJam,

Thanks so much for this additional information! It looks like if the canvas zoom is set to less than or greater than 100% when a widget is placed into a dynamic panel, the text will not be visible when the widget’s editing mode is entered. Changing the zoom percentage to 100% seems to resolve this issue. I’ll be filing a report regarding this issue with our teams to further investigate this issue.


Hey Chelsea.
I had the same issue. could not replicate. Read this thread, but the zoom issue did not appear to fix anything :frowning:

Hi Greenozaur!

Could you tell me more about the steps taken when you experienced this issue at 100% canvas zoom? For example, did you experience this issue while duplicating a dynamic panel state, while placing a new widget into a dynamic panel state, or while doing something else? Are you encountering this issue with one particular file, or is this issue occurring in multiple files?

I can’t remember the steps, but I can tell you as follows:

This happened more the once, even after restarting Axure.
However, In trying to create an .rp file for you guys by importing the page, the issue vanished: could not reproduced.

Now, I was checking the original file again (many things already changed there - even the Beta version) - and there is no issue.
So, sorry :sweat:, I can’t even help you with sending a file with the issue.
Well, I guess that if that’s a bug - it will re-appear.


Hey Chelsea (@Chelsea_Axure ) - Good news.

The problem happened again, and I managed to reproduce it.
Here is the assumed series of events:

  1. I was in 80% zoom
  2. I create a DP from existing widgets - some were headers that contains text (black text on white).
  3. I have copied the first state and renamed it
  4. I switched to next DP state
  5. Tried to edit the text - and voila! - the text becomes white on white.
  6. Switched zoom to 100% - problem solved
  7. Switched to 80% - no issue.
  8. switched to next DP state - same issue again.

Attached a boring gif:

hope that help. If you wish me to create an .rp file - let me know. I was kinda lazy.


Hi Iris!

Thanks so much for letting me know that you were able to reproduce this issue after returning to 80% zoom and then re-entering the dynamic panel state. I’ll add a note regarding this behavior to our report!