BUG Rename a global variable will destroy case conditions


I have encountered a very annoying bug today. When I rename a global variable, all functions will be updated with this new name… FINE!
BUT when using this variable within a case condition it will be updated to “UNDFiNED”.

I am 100% sure this was working some weeks ago.

please fix this

Hmm, are you seeing that the renamed variable is getting set to “Undefined” in the conditional case for interactions, or is it getting set to “Undefined” in the interactions (not the conditions) themselves? I’ve tested on our end in both Axure RP 8 and 9 and it seems to be propagating the variable name change correctly when updating variables via the “Project > Global Variables” dialog. Are you changing the variable via other means? If you can provide the steps you take to reproduce the issue in a new file then that would help to get this filed. Thank you!