Bug: Repeater doesn't fit to wrapped text after repeater action


Come on, Axure folks! This bug has existed since Axure 8 Beta. It’s been reported countless times with the simplest of repros, and here it still exists in Axure 9 Beta.

When you have text that wraps in a repeater, the row height is supposed to accommodate it. And indeed it does when the repeater is initialized. But any subsequent action on repeater causes it to ignore the wrapped text height and instead uses the widget heights in the row to determine the row height.

Here is a repro case using a filter, though the same thing happens with any repeater action. (Sort, Add Row, Set Items Per Page, etc.). I put a line at the top of the row so you can see what’s happening:


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Hi josephxbrick!

It sounds like you’re referring to the bugs reported here and here, where a repeater with wrapping text works for the first OnItemLoad initialization with “Fit to Text Width”/“Fit to Text Height” enabled, but breaks subsequently after with any refresh to the repeater (e.g. sort, filter, etc.) - does that sound correct? If so, you’re right that this bug still exists in the 9 beta, but I’ll bring this up in a meeting with our prod/dev team to see where we stand on the fix for the issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Jane!

I know there are trade-offs when deciding which bugs to fix. But one that thwarts so many common use-cases does not belong in the backlog. :slight_smile:

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Hello… I’m still seeing this behavior in v9.0.0.3650. I’ve tried workarounds such as forcing a redraw (e.g., move a repeater element 0,0, etc.) with no success. Any resolution on the horizon?

Does anyone have an update on this issue? I have it still in

Still waiting for a fix to this… anyone have any solutions???

How is it going? T.T Please FIX IT!!!

Is this still a bug? I’m using Axure 10, and my repeater tables are set to resize to fit content, and the cells within the repeater are set to be locked width but not locked height, but they rows still do not resize the height to accomodate wrapped text in the cells. Is there another setting I’m missing as cause for this or is this part of bug mentioned above?

Please fix this :pray: It would make my projects achievable