Bug Report: Hint Text not working after going back to page

Hint text is shown and behaves like normal text after using back to previous page link.

To reproduce see the rp file included. Leave the textfield empty, click on next page on the new page click on ‘prevoius page’. The hint text in the textfield is now textinput instead of hint text.

BugReportHintText.rp (50.7 KB)

I don’t think this is a bug. The ‘Back’ interaction you’ve used is using the browser’s ‘Back’ function to return to the previous page with all states intact. If you change that interaction to be ‘Go to Page 1’, it loads everything fresh.

‘Back’ interactions try to restore the previous page’s state completely by design.


If, without ever entering anything into the field, its hint text becomes entered text upon hitting back, that does sound like a bug. (I just now duplicated it, so it’s not just a file thing.)

To make sure the Axure folks see this, send the bug report to support@axure.com.

Ah sorry, I missed that the poster wasn’t entering text into the field.