Bug report: selected is checked, yet object is not selected

Another day using Axure9, another bug…
On a selection group I have 3 elements and I wish the 1st one to appear as selected on page load
so I did what I know from axure8 (checked the checkbox next the “selected” title in the setting icon).
yet on publish, none of the elements appear as selected (and yes, I made sure the other elements not checked as selected)

Hi Eran_Bar_Sinai,

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior on my end when publishing or preview a similar selection group of checkbox widgets. To take a closer look, could you post the project file where you’re seeing this behavior? If you would prefer not to post the file to the forum, you can email the file to support@axure.com instead to further troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!