BUG REPORT: When adding several inline text links, I cannot differente in links

Dear Axure,
When adding several inline text links, I cannot differente in links.
I.e.: as I link word01 to link01, and word02 to link02, the result is that both words link to link02.
Is this a known bug?
Please keep me posted!

There are two types of link you can add - a link to a whole widget and a text link. Text links should allow you to add multiple different links within a single text widget.

Thanks David!

Finally I succeeded, but to be honest, I find this part of the interface not very well elaborated: selecting an inline text link works very subtle, and after deleting, the links styling is still applied. Adding a link again does not work properly from then. Deleting the text itself, retyping and re-linking is the only thing I found working.

Maybe ‘BUG REPORT’ did not precisely describe the situation, but I still think this functionality needs some attention.



I agree it’s not very intuitive. Generally I will delete the whole text block and start again if I make a mistake, as trying to figure out where the link is attached is painful.

There’s a keyboard shortcut for adding text links to, which is Ctrl/Cmd + Opt + Shift + H. This makes it a bit quicker.