Bug? - Responsive masters in repeaters don't resize

I created a master list item widget (Avatar, Name) with multiple responsive breakpoints. When I tested this on my main layout it worked perfectly (loving this feature) but when I tried to automate my list using real data by putting it into a repeater and setting up the variables to replace the name and avatar for each row it did render the widgets properly however when resizing the screen the widget’s breakpoints are ignored and they stay the same size.

Interestingly if I make the repeater a master and then break the list component away from its master, when I switch between breakpoints the list item resizes exactly as it should (it’s just now disconnected from the master)

Is this a bug or just a known side effect of using the repeater?

Hi iTorrey,

We do have a few known issues surrounding repeaters and masters. To see if you’re running into a new or known issue, could you post your .rp file here so that I could verify this? If you’d rather keep the file private, please feel free to email that over to support@axure.com. Thanks!