[Bug?] Rich text interaction doesn't work anymore



I’m trying to change the styling of a text via rich text interaction after in consequence of a certain event.
I am pretty sure it was possible last week, but now nothing changes besides the text size.
Also stylings within a textfield (e.g.: a bold word within a phrase) aren’t bold in preview or after i published the project. I am using Axure 10 with the latest update (Or Beta update) Axure RP
Am i the only one who has this problem? Is it a bug or is there something i miss?



Hi @CheckCheck,

Thanks for writing in! This is a bug with the 3842 version of Axure RP 10. We’ve released a fix for this in the most recent beta channel build (version 3844).

To update Axure RP 10 to the latest beta channel version, go to Help > Check for Updates.


Perfect - thanks :pray:



Usually closing and opening again after saving solves most problems.


Awesome. I was also having issues with the italic/underline and the bold. All fixed now.