[Bug] Scroll To Widget via submitbutton-function only works once

Imagine a chatbot-scenario: the text in a textfield should be cleared from the textfield and then shown and scrolled to in a chat-window (dynamic panel, different texts via cases).

The Problem: As soon as the “Scroll to Widget (Anchor Link)” comes into action on the first “Enter”, the submit-function won’t work for the next texts. My only Workaround so far for reactivating the submitbutton-functionality is manually clicking in the textfield again, which is not very comfortable.

My goal (expected behavior) would be to reach that without manually re-selecting the textfield. Did I do anything wrong or is this a bug atm? Thanks in advance!

Note: Tested on chrome for desktop

See attached the test-scenario-file (text is german, but can be ignored):
Fehler beim Scrollen - Testszenario.rp (53.4 KB)


That indeed seems to be a problem. I wonder if Axure 8 had this issue as well. (I’d report it to support@axure.com in case they don’t see it here.)

Here’s a workaround. Unassign the field from its associated submit button. Instead add an OnKeyUp interaction to the field that fires the OnClick event of the button when Return is keyed. It worked in your prototype–at least enough to handle the 1 and 2 conditions consecutively.


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Thank you, that works - for my real prototype as well!

In the meantime I reported the bug to the support-team, too, but didn’t test it in Axure RP8 before.

Let’s hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks again for your help!

Hi! We received your email about this bug and have gone ahead and filed it on our end for further investigation. The feedback report we received didn’t have your email address to respond to so I’ve followed up here just to make sure you’re aware this is now filed. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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